Heris Power Generation Company (Private Stock) has been established on August 2011 under register No. 411253 in Tehran-IRAN.

The main activities of the company are the investment in power generation plants, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and operation of thermal power plant projects, energy management, power market, sale, and export electricity.

The first phase of Heris Power Plant consists of one F-Class gas unit with a nominal capacity of 310 MW each at ISO conditions and one 180 MW steam unit that totally can produce 490 MW.also power plant has one 230 KV.

The most significant advantages of Heris power plant are more than 58% Efficiency, Low emission combustion, and Low water consumption.

The first phase of the project has been started in March 2017. it is expected that the gas portion of the power plant to be operational at the beginning of 2019. also, a steam portion will be operated at one year later on 2020.

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Members of the Board and CEO

Saeed Nokhostin



Mousa Refan

Vice Chairman of the Board


HasanAli Taghizadeh

Member of the Board


Amanollah NickNafs

Member of the Board


Iraj Harsini

Member of the Board


Najaf Taban

CEO and Managing Director


Technical Specifications of the Project

Contract Subject Description
First phase Second phase
Type of power plant Combined Cycle Combined Cycle
Number of units 1 gas unit and 1 steam unit 1 gas unit and 1 steam unit
Capacity of each unit 310 MW gas unit, 180 MW steam unit 445 MW gas unit, 200 MW steam unit
Power Plant Production Capacity 490 MW in ISO conditions 645 MW in ISO conditions
Gas turbine type Classes 3A-F, AEN-94 Will be finalized later
Steam turbine type Three-Pressure - MT15 Three-Pressure
Power plant area 81 hectares (805937 square meters for two phases)
Power plant efficiency In ISO terms, about 58% In ISO terms, about 62%
The type of core ball system A.C.C A.C.C
Boiler characteristic Three-Pressure Heat Recovery Boilers (HRSG) Three-Pressure Heat Recovery Boilers (HRSG)
Main transmissions characteristic 325 MVA, 18/230 KV 200 MVA, 15.75/230 KV 325 MVA, 18/132/400 KV 200 MVA, 15.75/132/400 KV
Above sea level 1578 meters 1578 meters
Type of post and voltage level A.C.C A.C.C
The type of core ball system AIS-230 KV AIS-400 KV
The main fuel type of the power plant Gas Gas
Second fuel type Gas oil Gas oil